While gold and silver are the most favored choices when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings, jewelry made of titanium is making a name for itself too. Titanium was discovered in Cornwall, England in 1791 but it was only in 1990s when titanium jewelry started appearing in the market and in 2000 when it has become large-scale.

Nowadays, so many stores, mostly online, don’t carry titanium-based rings as just part of their inventories – it has become their main products as well.
So what is a titanium ring?

Titanium rings are primarily constructed from titanium, a metal with unique properties. Titanium is hypoallergenic thus it is less likely to cause reaction to users who suffer allergies to other jewelry materials. It is also highly-resistant but is soluble in concentrated acids. They are less likely to tarnish and deteriorate especially if used in normal conditions.

Why should you consider it as the symbol of your lifelong commitment for each other?
Given that rings made of titanium are highly-resistant and less likely to deteriorate and tarnish easily, you can be assured that the rings will last a lifetime, a perfect symbol of your lifelong love. Titanium rings are not pawnable though, but why would you? It’s a symbol of your relationship, right?

Here in the Philippines, there are some businesses focusing primarily on titanium rings. Even in Iloilo, it is no longer impossible to find one that will suit your taste as well as your partner’s. With the city becoming more progressive each year, you will see shops with titanium rings on display. And even if you can’t find one for you from physical stores, you can also try your luck online. There are lots of online stores specially dedicated to selling this kind of ring. Some even offer free shipping to anywhere in the country. You just have to properly measure your ring size to get one that fits perfectly.

Titanium rings may not be as expensive as gold or silver but when it comes to beauty and longevity in addition to it being hypoallergenic, it will do good. Coupled with loyalty and true love, who says it isn’t at par with the more expensive ones?

Titanium Rings: Would You Go For It?

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