After months of contemplating whether or not to push through with this site and planning what the site would look like should I decide to go for it, I finally moved forward by purchasing this domain. The purchase of this domain isn’t all for vanity or SEO purposes only. The paid domain should also motivate me to update this site regularly and make this work as originally planned. Right now, I am not sure how to do so given my hectic schedule but I’ll somehow find a way to make this work one step at a time.

This site aims to serve as guide and information resource to future brides and grooms who are planning to tie the knot in Iloilo City, Philippines. The city, nicknamed The City of Love has so much to offer when it comes to wedding ceremony and reception venues as well as caterers and suppliers. Wedding organizers, coordinators and other services you may need for your wedding are also starting to flourish. As such, having that dream wedding of yours is no longer impossible. You just have to be certain with what you want and go to the right people to help you make your dream wedding possible.

So explore the site and drop me a comment if you think there is something I can help you with.


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