Formally Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jaro.

The shrine is constructed in the Romanesque Revival style, deviating from semi-circular arches. A distinctive feature is that the bell tower is located across a busy street from the church, on Jaro Plaza, resembling Ilocos churches.

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Jaro, Iloilo City

The documents below are proof that the couple are free to marry and no impediment exist would make the marriage invalid and illegal. These documents are for the protection therefore of the rights of the bride, the groom and the Priest-Presider.


  • Marriage License*
    (licenses are usually given 10 DAYS after registration at the city/municipal hall)
  • Marriage Contract* (photocopy)
    (if the couple is already civilly married)


  • Baptismal Certificates for bride and groom*
    (with a note: For Marriage Purposes. The certificate should be new and issued six months before the wedding)
  • Confirmation Certificates for bride and groom*, ie:
    • Freedom to Marry for the Groom
    • Permit to Marry for the Bride

(The Permit and Freedom to Marry are asked if neither the Bride nor the Groom is from this parish. For the publication of Banns, a letter will be sent by this parish, through the couple, to the parish of origin where the Banns will be published for three consecutive Sundays. After the publication, a Certification from the parish of origin will be sent back to this parish, through the couple.)

* The following documents marked thus are to be brought for registration. Other documents must be submitted five days before the date of wedding

Upon recommendation of the Barangay Coordinator, a couple lacking financial means may apply for the celebration of their Marriage in the Common Weddings done every Thursday at 8 in the morning.

For those who have means to contribute to the church, the following fees apply;

Church fee (includes stipend)
Weekdays – Php 1000
Weekends – Php 1500

Weekdays – Php 1000 + 500 (overtime)
Saturdays – Php 1500 + 500 (overtime)

Evening wedding start at exactly 6:30 pm for weekdays and 7:00 pm for Saturdays with the normal allotment of one hour and 30 minutes. At certain days, evening masses are not permitted since they anticipate certain feasts and solemnities and priests may not always be available. All evening weddings therefore require the appoval of the Cathedral Administration.

Optional Fees
Optional Requirements are not essential to a wedding. Your choices, however, are to be respected but should be within bounds of the liturgical rule of noble simplicity.

Parish Choir – Php 850
Parish Organist/Cantor – Php 350
Outside Choir – Php 200 (for the parish) + cost of choir (to be paid to choir of choice)

Decorations (except for A all decorations include carpet)
A – Php 4000
B – Php 8000
C – Php 10,000
D – Php 15,000
E – Php 25,000

Electric use (for videos) -Php 500

A (chandeliers, Apostles, center aisle) – Php 2500
B (A + Wall Sconces, 2 side altars, side aisle) – Php 3500
C evening (A,B + rope lights, ground lights) – Php 5000

Videos must use only the outlet provided for them so that the chances of an electrical trip affecting the whole church can be avoided. Please advise them to bring extension cord with substantial length.

  1. The couple must register five weekends before the intended date of their wedding bringing with them the required documents.
  2. For interview, the couple should come familiar with the doctrines of our faith and the Catholic prayers, for marriage is not just a bonding in love but also a bonding in the responsibility of rearing and educating the children, which God will give them, in the Christian way of life.
  3. The couple should attend the seminars given by the parish listed below.
  4. “In as much as marriage is a sacramental action of sanctification, the liturgical celebration of marriage… must be, per se, valid, worthy and fruitful.” It is therefore appropriate for the bride and groom to prepare themselves for the celebration of their marriage by receiving the sacrament of penance.” (CCC 1622)
  5. The Bride, Groom and all members of the wedding entourage and all those who have role in the liturgical celebration are to be dressed in Formal Church Attire observing strictly proper Church Decorum and the demands of Christian Modesty. Therefore the cathedral prohibits spaghetti straps, backless dresses, mini-skirts, walking shorts and the like.
  6. Strict Punctuality is required. The couple should be aware that they are not the only ones using the cathedral. The celebration must therefore start on time and should not exceed the alloted time of one hour and thirty minutes including pictorials. Should the wedding start 15 minutes late, singing will be disallowed. If late for 30minutes, only the wedding rites are to be done without the mass and songs. Should it start 40 minutes late, the wedding will have to be postponed.
  7. Photographers are to be accredited by the cathedral before they can be allowed to photograph and video the rites. Accreditation would consists of briefing regarding the rites and the rules they must follow while filming the rites.
  8. The rites to be used during marriage should be in accord with liturgical laws and should fulfill the requirements set by canon law. Only the rites approved for the cathedral are to be used. Should they wish, the parish could also plan the rites with them and facilitate its publication.
  9. The Cathedral prohibits the singing of secular songs (long songs, pop songs and the like) inside the church as these may not reflect the sacredness and true character of the sacrament. Outside Choir must submit their songs including songs for the pictorials two weeks before the date of the wedding.
  10. The Cathedral only allows Church Decorations done by Parish. Socialized pricing is applied so that those who can pay more shall pay for those who could not afford, since we provide simple decorations for our Common Weddings.

Within one-kilometer radius
MO2 Westown Hotel and Resort
Injap Tower Hotel
Courtyard by Marriott

Within two-kilometer radius
Diversion 21 Hotel
Seda Atria
Iloilo Business Hotel

Within three-kilometer radius
The Grand Dame Hotel
The Mansion
Hotel del Rio

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Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral

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