Buttons, feathers, baby stuff & more at Homestore

It is not unusual for a budget-savvy bride to do wedding projects such as decorations, invitation and bouquets. Doing so surely saves a lot of money plus you are making your wedding more memorable as those projects are a product of labor of love. What could be more memorable than walking the aisle holding the bouquet you personally arranged?
However, before you decide on doing this, you have to consider your creativity, patience, time and resources. Do you have easy access to stores selling materials you will need? Indeed, craft stores may be limited in Iloilo but that doesn’t hinder you from pushing through with your DIY projects. Below is the list of stores in which you can get your materials for whatever project you have in mind.

Homestore, The Atrium Mall. Homestore is my favorite craft store mainly because it is open during mall hours or until 8pm which is quite convenient for people like me who are working until 6pm. The store carries a wide variety of materials like crochet and knitting threads, sewing materials (like needles, threads and buttons), gift wraps, ribbons, home decors as well as kitchenware, glassware and many other stuff for the home. They also sell some fabrics such as tulle and the ones used for lining and crafts.

Ribbon rack at Homestore

Iloilo Shanghai Bazaar. This one is very popular especially among long-time dressmakers, tailors and designers. Located in the heart of the city, this store offers a wide range of goods including various kinds of fabric and threads, beads, buttons, ribbons, and other ornaments such as crowns, tiaras and the likes. The price is a bit cheaper here as well. The only problem with this store is it is open until 6pm only and is closed during Sunday.

Iloilo Central Market. The name of the place may sound unglamorous and the place can be unglamorous indeed but this is something you may not want to neglect. Native stuff such as baskets for flower girls, twines, bamboo materials and others are abundant here. Aside from fresh fruits, you can also find fresh flowers here.

Craft Stores in Iloilo

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